The Ensemble Responsorium devoted itself to the research and interpretation of the seventeenth-century vocal and instrumental repertoire, with a special focus on the achievement of the older Croatian musical heritage. It works in accordance with the principles of historically-based practice, using replicas of authentic instruments, and respecting the scientifically based stylistic guidelines. In constant search for authentic sounds and experiences, the ensemble has realized a number of successful projects, including four contemporary premieres of Croatian early baroque composers Gabriella Puliti ( Ghirlanda odorifera, 1612) and Tomas Cecchin ( Amorosi concepts, 1612,  Canti di spiritualità 1613. and Madrigali et canzonette a tre voci, 1617), thus gaining audience affection and criticism.The Ensemble Responsorium regularly collaborates with world-renowned early music performers, and shares the faithful dedication with the faithful audience by concerts at numerous specialized festivals (Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Music Evenings in St. Donat, Concerts in Euphrasian, Dvigrad Festival, BaRoMus – Baroque Music Festival Rovinj) and abroad (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia).