Varaždin Chamber Orchestra with his twenty-fourth season that year continues the centuries-old tradition of chamber and orchestral music making in Varaždin. The central activity of the orchestra is a cycle of five premiere concerts in the concert hall of the CNT in Varaždin, as well as regular participation at the Varaždinske Baroque Evenings. The orchestra also appears all over Croatia, and they go on tours in the array of European countries. The orchestra recorded three CD-s with maestro Pavle Dešpalj. On the tenth anniversary in the year 2004, the monograph “The Varaždin Chamber Orchestra” (1994 – 2004) was published with an occasional CD. Though appearing very often without the conductor, tending primarily the quality, the orchestra occasionally cooperates with conductors, eminent artists like P. Dešpalj, M. Horvat, K. Ono, V. Šutej, U. Lajovic, V. Kranjčević, I. Lipanović, Z. Juranić, I. Repušić and the like. With the orchestra some eminent artists appeared as soloists, instrumentalists and singers, like R. Pospiš-Baldani, D. Tomšič-Srebotnjak, D. Vejzović, V. Mažuran, M. Leskovar, R. Pokupić, R. Vlatković, D. Geringas, V. Dešpalj, D. Schwarzberg, B. Slokar, P. Soave, S. Arnold, I. Römer, L. Pogorelić and others. Accompanied by the permanent concertmaster (Jože Haluza), the orchestra often engages guests-concertmasters: these were: L. Spierer, C. Mackintosh, T. Smirnova, A. Ivić, B. Martinić, M. Korunić, L. Honda-Rosenberg and others. The orchestra has been winner of awards of the Varaždin Baroque Evenings Ivan Lukačić and Jurica Murai, the award Milka Trnina, the award of the Split Summer Festival “Judita” and Dubrovnik Summer Festival Orlando as well as the Plaque of the City of Varaždin.