Ensemble Camerata Garestin gathers Croatian leading vocal and instrumental interprets of music from the 17th and 18th centuries. Violoncellist from Varaždin, Krešimir Lazar, founded it in 2008, together with soprano Ivana Lazar, flautist Dani Bošnjak and harpsichordist and organist Krešimir Has. It consists of musicians whose vast experience contribute to the cultural and artistic life of the Republic of Croatia for a long time. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia recognized this contribution multiple times and supports the work of the ensemble continuously. Camerata Garestin is outlined with favorable reviews, for example on Croatian national festival “Varaždin Baroque Evenings”. The ensemble performed at the prestigious international festival of Baroque music SEVIQC Brežice, at The Festival of Croatian Music in Vienna – performing in renowned Hofburgkapelle. Camerata Garestin is probably the first Croatian ensemble for historic music professionally engaged in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Voorshoten, den Haag, 2014.); it also appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. The ensemble members play music on authentic Baroque instruments and identical replicas. Program direction in which they are heading consists of thematic concert projects, showing extraordinary works of European and Croatian masters made in the period of Renaissance, gallant style, Rococo and in the early Classical period.