27.09. Ensemble Villancico

Friday, September 27, 6 p.m.
Great Concert Hall of the National Croatian Theatre in Varaždin

                                         Ensemble Villancico                                          

Jessica Bäcklund, soprano
Helena Wall Ströberg, soprano
Dan Johansson, countertenor and virginal
Charlotta Hedberg, alto
Kasper Von Weber, tenor
Emanuel Roll, tenor
Yamandú Pontvik, baritone
Erik Arnelöf, bass
Markus Ström, recorders
Thor-Harald Johnsen, baroque guitar and lute
Olof Larsson, viols
Martin Strand, percussion
Daniela Pontvik Valero, baroque dance
Niklas Blomqvist, baroque dance
Peter Pontvik, conductor





Oy nuestra Reyna del cielo
– Anonymousa, Codex Ibarra, 1680, Ecuador 

Una tonadilla nueva
– Anonymousa, Codex Ibarra, 1680, Ecuador 

Maria todo es Maria
– Anonymousa, written down 1713 by Amedée François Frézier, Peru/Chile 

Baile del chimo
– Anonymousa, Codex Martínez Compañón, Peru 1783-85
Choreography: Kaj Sylegård/Daniela Pontvik Valero 

Victoria, victoria
– Anonymousa, ca 1590, Sta Eulalia, Guatemala
Transcroption: Omar Morales Abril/Peter Pontvik 

Sagales a prisa
– Anonymousa, Collection Ascencio Pauta, 18th -19th century, Loja, Ecuador 

Si el amor se quedare dormido
– Juan de Araújo, 1646-1712, Bolivia/Panama
Transcroption: Robert Stevenson 

Vamos todos a ver
– Joseph Hortuño, ?-1722, Anonymousa, Codex Ibarra, 1680, Ecuador 

Xácaras por primer tono from Luz y Norte Musical
– Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (1626-?, fl. 1677 in Peru), Spain-Peru
Choreography: Daniela Pontvik Valero/Kaj Sylegård 

Tristis est anima mea
– Juan de Lienas, fl ca 1640, Mexico
Transcroption: Bruno Turner 

Gallardas from Luz y Norte Musical
– Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (1626-?, fl. 1677 in Peru), Spain-Peru
Choreography: Kaj Sylegård 

Ymaynalla canqui tayta
– Anonymousa, 18th century, Sucre, Bolivia 

Negrinho tiray vós la
– Gaspar Fernandes, ca. 1570-1629, Portugal/Mexico
Transcroption: Aurelio Tello 

Canción de una pastorita al Niño Dios
– Anonymousa, Collection Ascencio Pauta, 18th -19th century, Loja, Ecuador 

Canción de un negro al Señor Dios
– Anonymousa, Collection Ascencio Pauta, 18th -19th century, Loja, Ecuador 

Gaytas y zarambeques from Luz y Norte Musical
– Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (1626-?, fl. 1677 in Peru), Spain-Peru
Choreography: Kaj Sylegård/Daniela Valero 

La chacona me piden, vaya
– Manuel Blasco, 1628-1697, (fl. 1683-1695 in Quito) – Codex Ibarra, 1680, Ecuador 

Serenissima una noche
– Fray Gerónimo Gonzáles, ca 1633, Spain-Mexico 

Salga el torillo
– Diego de Salazar (1659-1709), Spain and Juan de Araújo (1646-1712), Bolivia/Peru/Panama
Transcroption: Carmen García Muñoz 

– Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, ca. 1590 – 1664, Puebla, Mexico
Transcroption: Ricardo Henríquez

Transcription (unless otherwise specified): Peter Pontvik
Arrangements: Peter Pontvik
Co-arrangers: Markus Ström, Karl Nyhlin, Dan Johansson, Rolf Landberg, Magdalena Mårding.


About performer:

After 24 years of activity, Ensemble Villancico is currently regarded worldwide as one of the most important interpreters of early music from Latin America. In its vibrant performances, its interpretive vitality and first-rank musical capabilities, the ensemble unites the recognized quality of Nordic voices and the spirit of Latin American baroque music.

Ensemble Villancico has performed hundreds of concerts in some thirty countries in Europe and Latin America in programs featuring the repertoire of the Latin American baroque and early music from the Nordic countries. The ensemble has presented itself internationally on television and radio on repeated occasions and has released seven CDs. Ensemble Villancico received the Ivan Lukačić Prize in Varazdin, Croatia, and its CD Hyhyhy – the New Jungle Book of the Baroque was nominated for the Swedish Grammis Recording Prize.

Peter Pontvik, born in Copenhagen in 1963, he studied composition, musicology, and choral conducting in Uruguay, and composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm as well as composition under Wolfgang Rihm at the Karlsruhe State College of Music (Germany) and in courses in the field of early music under Hans-Georg Renner. Pontvik’s compositions include Candombe for wind orchestra, Sagitra for choir and Missa Brevis.

Pontvik has occupied himself in special measure with research in the field of Latin American baroque music. He founded the Ensemble Villancico in 1995 and serves as its artistic director. He is also the founder and the artistic director of the Stockholm Early Music Festival since 2002, and currently the president of REMA (European Early Music Network) as well as the chairman of NORDEM (Nordic Early Music Federation). Pontvik is the initiator of the European Day of Early Music, celebrated internationally since 2013.

Peter Pontvik has been awarded the First Prize in Choral Composition in Tolosa, Spain, the Cultural Promoter of the Year by the Swedish Festival Association, and the Swedish Early Music Award.