26.09. Projekt Lazarus

Thursday, September 26, 7 p.m.
Ursuline Church

Ensemble Projekt Lazarus

Darija Auguštan,Tanja Ruždjak, Iva Krušić, Daniela Perosa, sopranos
Martina Menegoni, Nikolina Virgej Pintar, mezzosopranos
Ivan Martinčić, Siniša Galović, tenors
Davor Nečak, Robert Palić, bassos
Martina Mičija Palić, artistic associate
Darijan Ivezić, artistic leadership



Bonaventura Beretta
Clio sacra, Davidicos psalmos vespertinis horis adscriptos notis musicis decantans,
motets for soloists, vocal ensemble & basso continuo
Domine ad adjuvandum
Dixit Dominus
Confitebor tibi
Beatus vir
Laudate pueri
Laudate Dominum

Domenico Scarlatti
Stabat Mater
Stabat Mater
Cujus animam gementem
Quis non posset
Eja Mater, fons amoris
Sancta mater, istud agas
Fac me vere tecum flere
Juxta crucem
Inflammatus et accensus
Fac ut animae donetur paradisi gloria


About performer:

Ensemble Projekt Lazarus operates since 2013 within the association of Croatian Music Center. The

initiator and founder of the ensemble is Robert Palić. The research, revitalization, promotion, and presentation of Croatian musical heritage are primery objectives of ensemble „Projekt Lazarus“, which are being realized through two main processes: exploring yet undiscovered and unprocessed musical literature from 16 th to 18 th  century in cooperation with the experts for that period, and modeling professional ensemble necessary for the preparation and presentation of musical pieces. In addition, Projekt Lazarus focuses on the performance of the works that are rarely performed as well

as those that have not yet been recorded.

In the attempt to save from oblivion valuable monuments of Croatian musical heritage, the musicians

of Projekt Lazarus have performed the works of outstanding Croatian early music composers – Ivan Lukačić, Vinko Jelić, and Ivan Šibenčanin. Particular attention should be paid to the performance of the only preserved work of Damjan Nembri – Brevis et facilis psalmorum from 1841, which the ensemble held within few concerts. The ensemble marked in 2015 the 120 th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Dragan Plamenac, the founder of modern Croatian musicology whose last discovery and the subject of study was this Nembri’s work. The concert entitled Brevis et facilis psalmorum was presented in November 2016 and at the 12th Croatian Music Festival in Vienna. Up to now, the ensemble has held numerous concerts with the aim of presenting top achievements of Croatian composers performed in the series Lux Musicae organized by Croatian Music Center.

In December 2016, Projekt Lazarus made a programmatic breakthrough marking the 110th anniversary of birth of Boris Papandopulo, one of the most distingushed Croatian composers of the 20th century. Through the project Following the steps of Damjan Nembri ensemble Projekt Lazarus has held a concert in August 2017 at the Basilica San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice (Italy), as a part of VII International Festival Gaetano Callido, 56th Hvar Summer Festival and 48th Varaždin Baroque Evenings. In 2018, the ensemble marked the 370th anniversary of death of the Croatian composer Ivan Lukačić with concerts in his birthplace – Šibenik and Split, where he lived and worked most of his life.

At the 48th Baroque Evenings in Varaždin, Projekt Lazarus, in collaboration with the Japanese ensemble Libera classica and Hidemi Suzuki under the direction of maestro Darijan Ivezić, performed several works by Francesco Sponga Usper, most of which have had their first contemporary performance. On this occasion, the scholar Ennio Stipčević and his associate Darijo Poljak received the Ivan Lukačić Award for musicological research on Usper’s work Salmi vespertini.