Sunday, September 22, 7 p.m.
Great Concert Hall of the Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin

Romeo & Julia Kören Ensamble
Benoît Malmberg, artistic leadership

Frida Grundel, soprano
Anna Ander, soprano
Johanna Tibblin, soprano
Anna Hansson, alto
Jenny Rosén Wedin, alto
Malin Sternbrink, alto
Joakim Rignell, tenor
Mathias Nordström, tenor
Urban Wedin, tenor
Fredrik Ell, basso
Thomas Lundqvist, basso
Niklas Atterhall, lute
Pierre Nordahl, lute





Orlando di Lasso
Ung jour que madame dormoit 

Pierre Certon
La la la, je ne l’ose dire 

Orlando di Lasso
Fyons tous d’amour 

Josquin des Prez
Petite Camusette 

Clément Janequin
La Guerre

Orlando di Lasso
Bonjour mon coeur 

Cipriano de Rore
Reiouyssons nous 

Orlando di Lasso
Un jour vis un foulon 

Clément Janequin
Toutes les nuitz

Orlando di Lasso
O vin en vigne 

Pierre Passereau
Il est bel et bon 

Orlando di Lasso
La nuict froide et sombre 

Henry Purcell
Hush, no more!
An evening hymn
Man that is born of a woman
If music be the food of love
Hark! How the songsters 

Georg Friedrich Händel
For unto us a child is born 

Claudio Monteverdi
Zefiro torna
Su su su pastorelli vezzosi
Lasciate i monti
Lamento della Ninfa
A un giro sol
Vorrei baciarti
Ecco mormorar l’onde


About performer:

Romeo & Julia Kören is a dramatic renaissance music ensemble. By performing music from the renaissance and early baroque they create theatre concerts as much for the eyes as for the ears. Drama, music and choreography are fused into an expressive, playful, genre-transcending experience. Romeo & Julia Kören’s significant way of performing has been developed by Artistic director Benoît Malmberg over almost three decades and has captivated audiences and critics alike around the world. Since its foundation in 1991 Romeo & Julia Kören has been housed as Artist in residence at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, where we perform regularly, and has toured more than 35 countries including China, USA, Chile, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Japan, France, Iceland, Tibet, Mexico, Kurdistan and Germany.

Romeo & Julia Kören has also performed at the Nobel Prize banquet on five separate occasions and at the wedding of Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniel. The sizable repertoire span from Italian, Spanish, English, and French Renaissance and  Baroque masterpieces to Slavic songs and fiery Swedish folk tunes, songs that features tender tales of love as well as burlesque comedy. With arrangements specifically written for the ensemble, artistic director Benoît Malmberg dares to challenge the traditional way of performing this music, reviving it and making it speak to an audience of today.